Specialty Inks

When you’re looking to add something special to your design, you might want to consider using one of our specialty inks. They can help you add the wow factor. On our website we only offer our metallic & florescent inks. If you would like a different specialty ink like glow in the dark or Glitter Inks, give us a call to discuss other options. 1(800)493-3841. Extra charges may apply.

Metallic Inks

Everyone loves our metallic inks. We offer Liquid Silver & Rich Gold. Metallic inks have a bit of shimmer to them but they aren’t dance team flare shimmery. Metallic inks reflect light and are very difficult for us to show on a proof. When you see your proof you’ll just see a solid area of grey or gold.


Glitter Inks

Glitter inks are super shimmery. It can be added as a clear top coat to your design or your design can be made up of solid glitter.  Glitter inks work best when there are no small details.


Florescent Inks

Fluorescent Inks are super bright & will get you noticed. We have fluorescent ink available in purple, blue, green, yellow & pink.



Add a bit of surprise to your design with Glow-in-the-Dark Ink. Glow-in-the-Dark Ink is a translucent ink that typically prints over white ink. If it doesn’t print over another ink it appears a transparent greenish white. In the dark the ink glows!