Screen Printing 101

We make your T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, etc. by screen printing directly on the garment.  But what is screen printing? A fair question and you’ve come to the right place to find out! Screens are kind of like big stencils made of very tightly woven silk thread; up to 300 strands in an inch! Ink is forced through the stencil to create the design. A different screen is made for each ink color in a design.  Once the screens are made, they must be set up on a printing press and registered (or lined up in less techie talk) to the other screens. This registering makes sure the design prints correctly.


To print, each garment is loaded individually on a pallet. This keeps the garment firmly in place as the pallet rotates around the press under the different screens. Shirts are loaded on these pallets by a skilled printer and, although our printers are very efficient (like machines!), each shirt has to be loaded by hand. If the printer is working on a manual press he takes a squeegee to force ink through the screen by hand.



If he’s working on an automatic press, the press moves the squeegee to force the ink through. Once all the colors have been printed, the shirt is sent on a conveyor belt through our dryer. A dryer is a like a big oven that sets the ink & makes it so that you can wash your shirt without worrying about the ink flaking off or fading. Our inks are very durable!